Bruschetta Tuna                   €5.50

4 crispy bread rolls from the oven with oil and garlic, topped with a mixture of tuna/capers/pickles/dressing

Bruschetta Tomato             €5.5 0

4 crispy bread rolls from the oven with oil and garlic, topped with a mixture of tomato, herbs, oil, garlic

Baguette herb butter €4,00

warm baguette (100gr) with homemade herb butter

Olive bread with dip €4.50

Warm olive sandwich (100 gr) based on natural leaven with dip of Italian herb oil and butter

Fresh Zucchini Soup €6.00

Soup with Zucchini, lemon, shallots, garlic & crème frache

Leek-kerie soup €6.00

Potato, leek, parsnip, apple, red onion, garlic, cream

Tomato-parsnip soup €6.00

Soup with tomatoes, parsnips, onion, parsley and crème frache

Salmon salad small* €7.50

salad with smoked salmon/avocado/paprika/sun-dried tomatoes *€1

Tuna salad €6,50

salad with tuna/cucumber/pickle/paprika/capers/sun-dried tomatoes

side dishes

#sweet potato fries €4.25 #Dutch fries rustic €3.75 #mixed salad €4.25

Main dish**

Pasta pesto €16.50

Filled pasta with fresh homemade green pesto and salad

Quiche Goat cheese €15,50

Quiche (140gr) with goat cheese, honey, chopped hazelnuts, (sweet potato) or Dutch fries & salad

Quiche Salmon & Ricotta €15,50

Quiche (140gr) with pumpkin, goat cheese, breydel bacon (sweet potato) or (Dutch) fries & salad

Quiche Ricotta & Spinach €15,50

Quiche (140gr) with bleu d'auvergne, pear, slivered almonds, (sweet potato or Dutch fries & salad

Salmon salad €15.75

Meal salad with smoked salmon/avocado/paprika/sun-dried tomatoes

Tuna salad €14,75

Meal salad with tuna / cucumber / pickle / bell pepper / capers / sun-dried tomatoes

Stew* €23.50

North Dutch stew with boiled potato and farmer's salad *€7

Vegetarian Lasagna €15.50

Lasagna with grilled eggplant and zucchini, (feta) cheese & tomato

Mexican Nachos €15.00

Nachos with ao tomato, jalapeño, sour cream and/or kidney beans or ground beef

Angus Burger - Butcher shop Tange €16,75


200 grams burger Black Angus beef from Argentina with homemade sauce, onion and fries & salad

Lasagna Bolognese €16.50

With minced meat / creamy bechamel sauce and farmer's salad


Maaike's Draadjesvlees        €20,50 

Runderstoofvlees (sucade) met gekookte aardappel en Hollandse salade


Waffle with fruit             €6.75

Fresh homemade warm waffle with seasonal fruit, scoop of ice cream and whipped cream

Waffle heavenly mud            €6.75

Fresh homemade warm waffle with melted dark chocolate, scoop of ice cream and whipped cream

May's Apple Pie               €6.50

Homemade apple pie with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream

Brownie €4.50

Fresh warm dark chocolate brownie with whipped cream

Chocolates €2.5 0

2 artisan filled chocolates of your choice

Ice cream Absolutely nuts €6,75

Bourbon vanilla ice cream with peanuts, almonds & coconut, chocolate sauce and whipped cream

Carrot cake €4.50

Huisgemaakte carrot cake met noten en witte frosting op basis van roomkaas en kwark

Velvet cake €4,5 0

Homemade with cake with a white frosting of white chocolate and cream cheese

Cheese board* €8,5 0

3 luxury cheeses, fig jam and toast* €2

Scroppino                            €8.50

Vodka, prosecco, limoncello, ice cream & lemon ice cream

Espresso Martini €8.50

Tia Maria, vodka. espresso, sugar water * €2

Digestive                  €5.75

whiskey, cognac*€1, amaretto, sambuca, tia maria, port

3-course menu is €27.50 *Dishes with surcharge

** We can cook well, but we are not an official restaurant and have a small kitchen, therefore a little more

preparation timerequired.We would therefore like to hear what you wish to eat before 16:00

Instead of sweet potato fries, you can also opt for traditional Dutch fries.