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Discover Authentic Dutch History and Culture at Zaanse Schans

If you're looking for an authentic piece of the Netherlands, Zaanse Schans is an absolute must-see. This open-air museum is located near Zaandam, just 3.5 km away from Valerius Boutique Hotel, and offers visitors the opportunity to go back in time and experience what life was like in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Zaanse Schans

Zaanse Schans showcases different traditional wooden houses, museums, workshops, and shops that highlight the production and processing of products such as cheese, clogs, and cocoa. The highlight of Zaanse Schans are the windmills. There are seven to be found, and all are still in operation. Some mills produce flour, while others are used to make oil or paint. Visitors can also take a tour inside a windmill and see how it works.

In addition to the windmills, there are plenty of other attractions to see at Zaanse Schans. Visit the clog maker to see how these traditional Dutch shoes are made, or go to the Zaans Museum to learn more about the rich history of the region.

Another popular activity at Zaanse Schans is taking a boat ride along the river Zaan. From the water, visitors can enjoy a beautiful view of the windmills and traditional houses and shops along the banks.

There are also several dining options at Zaanse Schans, ranging from cafes to restaurants. Here, you can enjoy delicious Dutch treats such as pancakes and stroopwafels.

All in all, Zaanse Schans is a fantastic destination for anyone interested in Dutch history and culture. It's also a great place to enjoy beautiful nature and a peaceful environment. Whether you're taking a day trip from Amsterdam or staying in the area for a few days, Zaanse Schans is an experience you won't soon forget.


Extend your walk by heading to the other side of the river Zaan and exploring Lagedijk in Zaandijk. This beautiful street takes you back in time with its historic houses and distinctive Zaanse green facades and white window frames. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside while taking in the unique view of the river Zaan flowing alongside the street. Alongside the beautiful houses, you can find many charming shops and cafes where you can taste local delicacies like famous Zaanse chocolate, cheese, and mustard.


Tip: Don't want to walk back? From May to October, take a pedestrian ferry across the river Zaan. The whole loop is only 2.2 km, and the price is €1.50 per person with children under 10 years old being free, seven days a week.

If you want to stay in the area, the beautiful Valerius Boutique Hotel is only 3.5 km away from Zaanse Schans, in the heart of North Holland. The walking route there is fantastic. Click on Valerius Boutique Hotel to learn more about this hotel adjacent to the Wormer- and Jisperveld nature reserve.!


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