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De Rijp

De Rijp is a village and former municipality in the municipality of Alkmaar. De Rijp was founded around the end of the 13th century. The place name also we; known as the 'river edge'. De Rijp arose on the southern part of the dike in relation to the screen island. The place was very prosperous in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries thanks to whale pie (small fisheries), herring fisheries and the processing of Heppen. The whale pies were partly the result of declining income from the herring fishery. The ships did not perform well from the rime but from the Zaan and later the IJ.

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Purmerend is located in the municipality of Waterland. It is a nice and atmospheric city where there are nice cafes and restaurants on the Koemarkt. In addition, the city is conveniently located in relation to the city of Amsterdam. Every Tuesday there is also a nice and cozy market in the city center which is very pleasant, the market starts at 08:30 in the morning until 14:00 in the afternoon.

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Marken regularly had to deal with flooding. That is why inhabitants built their houses on mounds (raised heights where people used to live). You will not find these characteristic houses anywhere else in the world. During a storm in the 13th century, Mark was separated from the mainland during a storm and became a peninsula. This was followed by a period of centuries of isolation for the inhabitants who lived off the fisheries. Marken was only reconnected in 1957 with a dike against the mainland. Despite this, the village keeps its own authentic character and traditions.

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The Middenbeemster

De Middenbeemster is a village in the municipality of Beemster, which is located in the province of North Holland. De Middenbeemster is the oldest village of the Beemster. The construction of a rectangular square in 1610 and the construction of the church on this square in 1623 soon created a neighborhood that was larger than most neighborhoods in the Beemster that had arisen since the reclamation. The church, the first Protestant and the Beemster church, was designed by the city architect of Amsterdam Henkdrick de Keyser. The square was laid out in the middle lot of the Beemster, from which the place name is derived.

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Volendam was originally called Folle(n)dam. Originally, the IJe or the E came from here, the place of which was Edam, in the Zuiderzee. In the year 1357 the Edammers dug a shorter connection between the Zuiderzee and the Purmermeer. After that, a dam was built in front of the old harbor of Edam and the old harbor was closed. Hence Folle(n)dam. This gave Edam a new port, the Oorgat. Farmers and fishermen soon settled here. In addition, some ground workers stayed behind in the newly created village after the excavation work was completed.

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Broek in Waterland

Broek in Waterland is a village in the municipality of Waterland, the village is close to Amsterdam to the north. Until 1991, Broek in Waterland was an independent municipality with the times from Uitdam and Zuiderwoude. The village has a protective village view. Some of the wooden houses were often painted in pastel shades and decorated with door calf and have a ceremonial front door. Because of the weak ground, houses have also always consisted of a wooden construction designed by Hendrick de Keyser. In the 18th century, the village was also known for beauty, literally and figuratively.

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The Beemster

De Beemster is a reclamation (polder) and a municipality in the province of North Holland. The municipality of De Beemster was part of the transport region. There are several villages within the Beemster, such as the Middenbeemster, the oldest village in the municipality of Beemster. In addition, the Beemster UNESCO is because in the Beemster are five forts as part of the Defense Line of Amsterdam , also World Heritage , including Fort Spijkerboor . So here two World Heritage Sites are combined in one location.

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Edam originated at a dam on the IJe or E that flowed into the Zuiderzee . The tidal inlets of the Zuiderzee were dammed around 1230. At the dam the goods had to be transhipped and a toll could be levied. In this way Edam was able to develop into a trading place. Shipbuilding , herring fishing and cheese trade brought Edam to great prosperity.

According to a legend, the Edammers came to the aid of the Haarlemmers on a crusade in 1219 during the siege of Damietta in Egypt. As a reward for their bravery, the German emperor allowed the Edammers to include three stars in their coat of arms.

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In 1355 Monnickendam obtained charters and privileges, also known as city rights, from the Count of Holland, Willen V. Monnickendam was granted important privileges, which put the city well on the map together with other cities in North Holland. As a result, the city of Monnickendam formed its own legal circle with its own legislation, its own jurisdiction and its own administrator. This marked the start of further growth.

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Haarlem is the capital of the Province of North Holland and is one of the medium-sized cities in the Randstad. The city of Haarlem and the western part of the village of Spaarndam belong to the municipality of Haarlem. Haarlem is also the largest city after Amsterdam. The center of Haarlem is very large, in addition, there is also a weekly market, so on Mondays and Saturdays there is a market on the Houtplein, which is a cozy and atmospheric square.

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Alkmaar is a municipality in the Dutch province of North Holland. Until the end of 2014, the municipality consisted of the city of Alkmaar, Oudorp and part of Koedijk. It is a cozy and atmospheric municipality where old traditions are also shown, for example there is a cheese market every Friday, where it is shown how cheeses were made in the past.

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There are various activities to do in the Zaandam area. For example, the Zaanse Schans is nearby and located on the east bank of the Zaan in the Kalverpolder. It is a well-known open-air attraction with hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. The Zaanse Schans is not a museum but a freely accessible area that started in the 1960s and emerged in the 20th century. Due to urban renewal and factory expansion, many historic, mostly wooden buildings were in danger of being demolished.

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