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  • Does the hotel have valet parking?
    Yes, if desired you can park the car at the side of the hotel, then we will park the car for you and pick it up again. Costs €5,-
  • Is there parking at the hotel?
    There is free parking around the corner from the hotel, see the map for the exact location.
  • Is the hotel and assigned room accessible with a wheelchair?
    Yes, our side entrance is wheelchair accessible and all our rooms are on the ground floor
  • Does the hotel have an elevator?
    No, we do not have an elevator as our lobby, dining room and all rooms are located on the ground floor.
  • Does the hotel have a bellboy?
    Yes, in most cases we have someone available who can run errands for you. Costs €15 per hour with a minimum of €7.50
  • Does the hotel offer a copy or scan service?
    Yes, the reception will gladly make a copy or scan for you, if desired.
  • Does the hotel offer a luggage service?
    Yes, guests' luggage will be taken to and from the room if desired. Free
  • Does the hotel have secure luggage storage
    Yes, for arriving or departing guests, luggage can be stored under staff supervision and labeled.
  • Does the hotel provide daily bed linen change, upon request?"
    Yes, although we do not encourage this from a sustainability and climate point of view
  • Does the hotel offer dry cleaning or dry cleaning services?
  • Does the hotel provide an ironing service?
    Yes, ironing is ready within 1 hour.
  • Does the hotel provide laundry services?
    Yes, if delivered before 9 a.m., ready within 9 a.m. €4 per kilo and 3.50 start-up costs.
  • Are personal care items available at the hotel?
    Yes, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste or razor, facial cleanser, panty liners, etc.
  • Does the hotel offer clothing repair services?
    Yes, this is outsourced to an external tailor in the village
  • Do you offer shoe shine service to guests?
    No, but we do have shoe shine items available on request.
  • Do you offer current magazines in the hotel?
    Yes, various titles including Linda, Jan, Beau Monde, Marie Claire, Lonely Planet, VT Wonen etc.
  • Is there an umbrella for guests at the reception or in the room?
    Yes, umbrellas are available at the reception
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