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A sustainable eco-friendly hotel room

Toilet paper

100% tree-friendly & sustainable toilet paper: that's how it should be. The Good Roll donates 50% towards the construction of toilets and is made from 100% recycled paper, without chlorine, dyes, and fragrances

Heat pump

For heating water, we use heat pump boilers and a hybrid heat pump to provide you with hot water as sustainably as possible

Underfloor heating

All hotel rooms are equipped with underfloor heating. Not only does this provide warm feet, but it is also the most energy-efficient way to heat the rooms

The Windows

The windows have an additional sun-shielding and soundproofing film and cannot be opened. This way, no energy is wasted in cooling or heating the rooms. There is also no sound leakage, and we keep all insects outside

WTW Ventilation

The rooms are supplied with fresh air 24/7, much more than with a regular open window. The warm, polluted air is transferred to the fresh outside air through the heat exchanger so that it is at the right temperature upon re-entering


The advanced LED lighting system, as well as the air conditioning, are activated by presence sensors in the rooms. In short, lights and air conditioning turn on and off automatically


Not only are the beds comfortable, but they are also 100% recyclable. The bed cover is made from plastic collected from the sea, which is then turned into yarn


Of course, we no longer use single-use minis for our bathroom amenities, but exclusively refillable bottles. Our bottles are made from wheat straw, making them eco-friendly

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