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Valerius Boutique Hotel: Your Ultimate Eco-Friendly Getaway

Valerius Boutique Hotel is the perfect eco-friendly hotel choice for those looking for a comfortable and sustainable place to stay. This hotel is not only beautiful and comfortable but is also designed with sustainability in mind. Here are some examples of how the hotel contributes to a greener future:

Low energy consumption during your stay

Valerius Boutique Hotel has done everything possible to keep energy consumption in its rooms to a minimum. For example, the hotel uses heat pump boilers to heat water and the floor heating system in the rooms is the most energy-efficient way to keep the rooms warm. The windows are equipped with extra sun-resistant and sound-resistant films, which prevent energy loss during cooling or heating of the room.

Hybrid system with a central heating boiler for extremely cold days

On extremely cold days, a hybrid system with a central heating boiler is used to ensure that the hotel can provide enough warmth during the coldest days of the year.

Well-insulated rooms with heat recovery ventilation

The hotel is well-insulated and uses heat recovery ventilation. This means that warm air from the rooms is extracted, and fresh air from outside is heated with the help of this warm air. This reduces the amount of energy used to maintain the desired temperature in the rooms.

Sustainable furnishings

Sustainable materials were used for the hotel's furnishings. The beds are 100% recyclable, and the bed linens are made of plastic from the sea. In addition, the refillable dispensers for bathroom amenities are made of wheat straw and are eco-friendly.

Waste reduction

As an eco-lodge, the hotel aims to reduce waste. This is achieved by using no small or natural biodegradable packaging. The waste is also sorted into cardboard, plastic, and garden waste. Responsible disposable items are made from renewable resources, and efforts are made to achieve zero waste, for example, by minimizing food waste and reducing the amount of waste produced.

Social responsibility

Valerius Boutique Hotel promotes local tourism by offering local walking and cycling routes and renting bicycles and e-bikes. There are charging points for electric bikes, and the hotel is accessible to disabled guests. Groceries are also delivered using an electric cargo bike, and local suppliers are used to promote local entrepreneurship.


Water consumption in the toilets is another aspect that the hotel considers. Therefore, the hotel chose toilet systems during design that reduce water consumption to a maximum of 4 liters per flush. But we take it a step further with our revolutionary public toilets. These automatic toilets only flush when you are finished, not while you are sitting. This saves us about a thousand liters of water per year.

Coffee and tea: fair trade and organic

At Valerius Boutique Hotel, we believe it is important to provide our guests with fair and sustainable coffee and tea. Therefore, we serve only coffee with the Max Havelaar Fairtrade & Rain Forest Alliance label and organic tea in bulk packaging. This way, we contribute to a better world for people and the environment.

Cleaning products

We also prioritize sustainability in our cleaning products. We use biodegradable, plant-based, 100% natural, recyclable, and microplastic-free cleaning products. This way, we take good care not only of our hotel guests but also of the environment.

Grocery shopping

We often do our shopping using the electric cargo bike. In addition, we work with local suppliers as much as possible. This way, we promote local entrepreneurship and reduce our CO2 emissions.


To save water, energy, and chemicals, we encourage guests to indicate if they wish to have their sheets and towels changed daily. This helps us reduce our impact on the environment.

Toilet paper

Even the toilet paper we use is eco-friendly. We use toilet paper made from 100% recycled paper fibers and it is also chlorine-free. This ensures that we minimize our impact on the environment and also protect the health of our guests.


Our windows feature an extra sun-blocking and soundproofing film and are sealed shut to prevent any energy loss during heating or cooling. This also eliminates any noise leakage and keeps out any unwanted pests.

Heat Recovery Ventilation (HRV)

Another sustainable feature of our hotel is our Heat Recovery Ventilation system, which continuously supplies fresh air to the rooms while extracting stale air. Our HRV system recovers the heat from the outgoing air, which is then used to warm the incoming cold air. This process reduces the amount of energy required to heat the room and creates a comfortable indoor climate while enhancing air quality.


Our advanced LED lighting system is energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Rather than using traditional lighting, we use LED lighting, which consumes significantly less energy and has a longer lifespan. The lights in the rooms are also automatically turned on and off with motion sensors, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.


At Valerius Boutique Hotel, we prioritize our guests' comfort and have opted for beds that are 100% recyclable. The bed covers are made from plastic collected from the ocean, which is turned into yarn. This not only reduces waste but also contributes to the beauty of our oceans.


In our bathrooms, we use refillable bottles instead of disposable ones for our amenities. Our refillable bottles are made from wheat straw and are eco-friendly, reducing the amount of plastic waste and contributing to a more sustainable future.


Sustainability has become an essential aspect of our daily lives and the travel industry. At Valerius Boutique Hotel, we strive to provide our guests with an eco-friendly stay. However, sustainability is not only crucial for our hotel but also a responsibility for all of us. We can all make a difference by making conscious choices and adjusting our behavior, such as using less water during showers, turning off appliances when not in use, reducing our plastic use, and choosing sustainable products. Together, we can work towards a better future for our planet.

When you stay at Valerius Boutique Hotel, you can trust that we are doing our utmost to reduce our ecological footprint and contribute to a more sustainable world. However, we are continuously developing and exploring new ways to reduce our impact on the environment. Together, we can make a difference.


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