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The Colorful Splendor of North Holland: Discover the Tulip and Flower Bulb routes

In spring, the colorful flower fields attract many tourists from all over the world. Most bulb fields bloom between the beginning of April and the beginning of May. First up are the crocuses and daffodils, followed by the hyacinths and the early tulips. The blooming of the flowers is of course also dependent on the weather conditions in February, March and April.

Bulb route around Egmond

The bulb fields tour starts at Noord Bakkum in the south, then to De Hogeweg and ends at the Woud in the north. You follow the white signs with 'Bollenroute', which you can start at any point along the route. The round itself is about 20km. The Route itself starts on the corner of Limmerweg and Duinweg, just outside Noord-Bakkum.

Departure from Valerius Boutique Hotel - spend the night in the bulb region

Including departure and arrival from Valerius Boutique Hotel, this beautiful round is 66 km and therefore easy to do by electric bike or car. Click here for the complete downloadable route description in North Holland.

The North Holland Cup

The Kop van Noord-Holland is known for its beautiful flower fields, especially those of tulips. There are several routes available to explore these beautiful flower fields. Here are some of the best tulip and flower bulb routes in the Kop van Noord-Holland:

The Tulip Route

The Tulip Route is a popular route that starts in Anna Paulowna and runs through the surrounding villages. The route is about 100 kilometers long and takes about 2.5 hours to complete. During this route you can enjoy the beautiful colors of the tulip fields, but also the bulb fields with hyacinths, daffodils and crocuses. The route is easy to follow and there are several stops along the way where you can see the flowers up close.

The flowerbulbs route

The Bloembollen route is another beautiful route through the Kop van Noord-Holland. The route starts in Den Helder and runs through the surrounding villages. This route is about 60 kilometers long and takes about 1.5 hours to complete. During the route you can enjoy the colorful tulip and other flower fields, but also historic windmills, cozy villages and beautiful coastal areas.

The Keukenhof Tulip Route

If you want to experience the real Dutch flower garden experience, the Keukenhof Tulip Route is for you. The Keukenhof is one of the largest flower gardens in the world, located in Lisse, about an hour's drive from the Kop van Noord-Holland. The Keukenhof Tulip Route is a beautiful route of about 35 kilometers long that starts at the Keukenhof and runs through the surrounding villages. You will enjoy the beautiful colors of the tulips and other flowers along the way, while also having the chance to explore historical sites, local shops and restaurants. You can find this route and another flower route here. From the Valerius Boutique Hotel to the Keukenhof is about 40-45 minutes by car.

Tips for exploring the tulip and bulb routes

Head out early in the morning or late afternoon, when the light is best for taking photos. Bring a picnic basket and enjoy a picnic among the flower fields. Remember to bring warm clothes, it can be cold in the early morning or late afternoon. Respect the flower fields and stay on the paths so as not to damage the flowers. Be prepared to stop and park along the route to get a closer look at the flowers or take photos.

In short, you can enjoy the beautiful colors of the tulip and other flower fields in North Holland during the spring and early summer. Whether you are a fan of gardens, photography or just looking. A wonderful place to spend the night is the Valerius Boutique Hotel in the heart of North Holland. Most routes can be walked, (electric) cycled and shared by car.


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